Recognising assets rather than the barriers young people have and through GLOscape YMCA Crewe

The Brief

YMCA Crewe developed a delivery model for working with young people who live in their accommodation-based services: GLOscape (Growth Life and Opportunity). In short, GLOscape recognises the assets rather than the barriers young people have and through GLOscape, YMCA Crewe help young people to see what their assets are and grow them. After 15 years of testing, changing and evolving their services and delivery of them, the Paul Hamlyn Foundation funded YMCA Crewe to translate their approach into an accessible product called GLOscape. GLOscape equips staff to support the growth of young peoples’ assets and connections, encourages people to deal with life in all its guises and promotes the take up of new opportunities that alter individual landscapes. As part of the funding YMCA Crewe wanted to develop a digital solution with a simple, yet catchy way, for young people to evidence progress in real time. This included a way to map, track and evidence the young person’s asset and talent journey, a way in which positive behaviour change can be robustly demonstrated to themselves and others and ultimately a way in which to support the young person to remain motivated to change.

Our Response

We worked collaboratively with YMCA Crewe and formed a project group as it was vital to have input from both staff and young people using the system from the very start. We conducted several sessions with the project group in the scoping phase, which were a mixture of face to face, phone and email. Wireframes were developed and shared and after consultation and sign off, the wireframes were developed into final designs prior to the build. The two elements of the system included a web-based case management system for staff which allowed staff to track progress through creating a young person’s profile, risk assessment, allocation of evidence and review processes; and a mobile app for the young person to ‘post’ their evidence, using photos, of progress they are making which automatically submits to case management system (and appointed staff member) for approval and tracking against their progress. Both systems were piloted with a small number of staff and young people before rolling out to the rest of the organisation.

The Outcome

In true partnership, we have created a less cumbersome, less repetitive, more engaging and interactive way in which to support the young people in progressing through the GLOscape programme, which is resource and time efficient for the young person and staff members. The digital tools provide the ability to recognise change from the perspective of the young people and staff members. The staff dashboard clearly maps, tracks and evidences the asset and talent journey, demonstrating how the young person is making positive steps within their life and the mobile app gives the young person an opportunity to capture real time evidence against the positive aspects of their life as well as having an ‘evidence bank’ in their pocket. We are developing a reporting system of activity which will have the ability to separate evidence into different datasets as well as provide a graphical representation of a young person’s journey.

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