Showcase the homes Oriel Living have for sale and the quality they offer First Ark

The Brief

We have worked, and continue to work, with the First Ark Group for several years. In 2013, the First Ark Group required three distinct websites for each area of their organisation; First Ark, One Ark and Oriel. The three websites had very different remits and were to engage varied target audiences; the general public, potential investors/partners and property buyers. The sites were all Umbraco driven and fully customisable. The three websites are:

However, at the start of 2019, Oriel wanted a full redesign of their site which fully showcased the homes Oriel Living have for sale and the quality they offer They required a website that delivers a great user experience and instilled customer confidence in their brand. The website was required to deliver a high volume of leads and improved customer engagement, ultimately leading to more sales.

Our Response

Together with Janine, we fully redesigned the site, embedding new brand guidelines which aimed to improve the overall look, feel and function and brought the website in line with their competitors. Although the previous site was already Umbraco driven, we updated it to the latest version and restructured it to allow the admin users more control and flexibility. We made improvements to the navigation, making a clear route for customers and made the site fully responsive for all devices as analytics showed most traffic was via a mobile phone. We improved the property search by embedding it in the hero banner of the homepage and easily accessed throughout the site as well as made changes and improvements to the search results page so that the search results were clearly presented. We built an interactive map of search results as well as made the property development site maps interactive with the ability to update the plots within Umbraco. To generate more leads, we made clear CTA’s throughout the site for example prominent ways in which to request a booking/call back and newsletter sign. We also implemented Rightmove API integration within the website.

The Outcome

Oriel and the rest of the parent group are extremely happy with the outcome of the redesign. There has been increased contact/leads through the site and the site now has faster load times resulting from better use if imagery and videos. We are continuing to develop the site with additional functionality which will be going live within the next month. This includes:

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