Provide a common narrative for physical activity and sport in Greater Manchester GreaterSport

The Brief

GreaterSport's existing website was designed in 2013 and it was tailored for both partners and the public, with more focus of the public. Since then, the focus of GreaterSport has changed to fully service partners and is not a delivery organisation to the public. Their objective is to provide leadership, a common narrative for physical activity and sport in Greater Manchester, broker and facilitate relationships and participate in genuine collaboration. They aim to develop and share insight, help to define what good looks like, share good practice across the network and help ensure we have a workforce fit to deliver the ambitions of GM Moving. They identified the existing website was extremely difficult to navigate and it didn’t reflect the work of the organisation. The aim was to produce a completely new website which streamlined several administrative processes such as course and bookings, online payments as well as implement a slicker and easier to use CMS.

Our Response

We worked extremely closely with GreaterSport from the beginning of the project. Through the audit we identified what pages were visited the most and where users were specifically clicking. We interrogated Google Analytics, facilitated workshops with staff and stakeholders, created surveys to be sent via email as well as embedded within the old site (using Hotjar) and held sessions with GreaterSport to work through user journeys, navigation and the new content that was required. Wireframes were created and once approved, full designs were developed, shared and approved before the build began. We streamlined a great deal of the content, as well as transferring some content from the existing site and produced a site which is easier to navigate yet looks visually appealing. Through the new CMS we integrated (Umbraco) we gave GreaterSport easy options to structure pages, added simplicity, yet gave a positive visual representation of the content they had. We provided face to face training sessions on Umbraco for staff, tailored to staff need.

The Outcome

In 2018 GreaterSport had a brand refresh to align with what they are trying to achieve. We believe we have produced a website which reflects GreaterSport’s updated brand and looks professional, has a strategic focus, portrays the energy of the organisations and demonstrates the passion of GreaterSport. From working extremely closely with GreaterSport throughout the process and working collaboratively right from the beginning of the project, we believe we have achieved the aims and the initial feedback from stakeholders has been extremely positive. We continue to work with GreaterSport to host, maintain and support the website.

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