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This is a fantastic example of the way interactive media is beginning to revolutionize healthcare.

This intervention programme is highly engaging and a supporting interaction between an individual and the service through a 2-way SMS system.

The dedicated web-based platform allows services to remotely support individuals in an automated way to monitor the level of required support on a daily basis. It provides a dashboard where motivational and personalised text messages are created for every individual and feedback can be viewed; bridging the gap between professional support and self-management.

Integrated Appointment Reminder System

A simple 2 way system which sends appointment reminders to the client and requires a confirmation of attendance text in return - ultimately reducing missed appointments.

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Personalised Motivational Text Messages

Motivational and personalised messages are co-created by the client and worker to encourage the client to remain motivated in their goals they want to achieve as well as to provide an additional support mechanism from the service.

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Remote Monitoring and Resource Management

The worker can remotely monitor a clients progress and respond more effectively when extra support is required - providing support at the right time as well as having more efficient caseload management.

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For our work on Shine, we were awarded ‘Best Public Sector Project’ at the Big Chip Awards 2012; followed by commendations from the Guardian and the Health Service Journal.

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WINNER - Big Chip Awards - Best Public Sector Project

d2 Health

RUNNER UP - The Guardian Public Services Award

d2 Health

HIGHLY COMMENDED - The HSJ Awards - Improving Care with Technology

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Following the effective pilot of Shine, d2 won funding in 2014 from Nesta and the Cabinet Office under their Centre for Social Action Innovation Fund: Digital Social Action to trial the technology further.

The bid was successful with a requirement for d2 digital to develop the Shine system enable a peer to peer led delivery approach; Evie was created. This funding also required d2 to work with a national substance misuse partner to trial the system in 2 separate geographical areas, within 8 individual services.

The Dashboard

An online dashboard allows service providers to visually see an individuals’ current status, therefore enabling the worker to prioritise need and resources. Within the dashboard they can input personalised responses/questions, add appointments and appointment reminders, determine frequency of messages, monitor DNA rates, response rates and the message history, add notes, input data from ‘mind maps’ and view their own calendar.

This platform provides rigorous reporting and monitoring for the service provider.

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UK Trials

The evidence base for this intervention is strong, both on a theoretical basis but also on a practical level where the technology has been trialled across the UK. Please see below for the progression of the resource as it has developed.



Health foundation funding: the original trial and evaluation for 2 separate services within one Greater Manchester borough which resulted in a number of award nominations:

PHE funding: trial and external PHE evaluation for 2 separate services within 2 separate geographical locations in Yorkshire and the North East.

Greater Manchester Public Health Network funding: trial and an external university evaluation for 5 separate geographical areas within Greater Manchester.

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2014/2015 – Nesta and Cabinet Office funding: trial and evaluation for 8 separate services within 2 geographical locations in East Lancashire and West Kent introducing a peer to peer element of the system. 

You can find the evaluation report for the Evie Project here.

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More Information

For more information about this resource or to receive a quote for a license, please contact Kate Evans, Digital Health Lead on 0161 209 3383 or kate.evans@d2digital.co.uk.