Health Platform Prototype

The Health Platform is an exciting project bringing together several of our areas of work supporting behaviour change.  It’s well known that some areas of behaviour change are very difficult. Many people have tried to make changes in their life which are health related, and failed to sustain those changes.

Whether physical health changes such as stopping smoking or losing weight, or mental health changes such as trying to tackle stress or recurring depression. These things prove difficult no matter how important they are seen to be.

Support Tools

The success of some of the products we have created have led us to start development of a system which tries to support each area which is considered important in sustaining a change to one’s behaviour. There are several well researched areas of activity which if taken on board will increase the chances of change happening.

- Goal setting tool to be really clear what trying to achieve and why

- Planning tools to help achieve that goal

- Recording and monitoring tools to track progress

- Support network tool to ensure someone is getting the most from people who can help

- A learning area to help users understand how to really get the most from the tools


The tools themselves are developed from a strong evidence base of psychology and learning theories. Work from the following academic researchers have all contributed to the thinking behind the tools and how they interact;

- Baumeister

- Dweck

- Mischel

- Gestinger

- Oettingen

Learning will be provided within the site to help users understand how the work that these researchers have done can support the things we can do to improve our chances of making difficult changes in our lives.