About Bluebird

Bluebird is an evidence based tool initially developed by Bolton Drug and Alcohol Commissioners for use with clients with ongoing contact with criminal justice agencies. Currently the tool is being used by substance misuse services in Bolton and Middlesbrough.

This tool is based on, and extends the NICE guidance related to ITEP mapping. It supports services to deliver extended brief interventions over a number of sessions.

The tool can be used in face to face meetings, with users in group sessions or delivered remotely. The user completes each session then submits it to a named case/keyworker who would review the materials, make suggestions for amendments, and then allow the user to proceed to the next section.

This approach encourages clients to work remotely or with a practitioner, focusing on goal setting and real life scenarios.

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The Dashboard

This evidence based tool can be adapted to suit any area where lifestyle behaviour change is required. It can be used in group settings or with individuals, adapted to suit the needs of all age age groups including children and cover any subject area.

The online tool consists of 6 sessions:

  • Self-awareness
  • Strengths
  • Important People
  • Decision making
  • Recap and Goal Setting
  • Face to Face
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Session One

This area encourages the consideration of a range of life areas and how alcohol is affecting each of them. Each area is given a rating out of 7 base on impact, using a sliding scale.

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Session Two

Gets the client to identify strengths from 6 areas of their life.

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Session Three

Identify people who are important and why.

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d2 Health

Session Four

The client is directed to focus on the situation that led to the arrest, identify the key triggers and the decisions made.

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Session Five

A recap of all sessions completed to date and goal setting for the future, taking into account the learning from the intervention.

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Purchasing a License

You will require a license to access the full resource. Licenses can be purchased for individual establishments or for a local authority area.

For more information about this resource or to receive a quote for a license, please contact kate.evans@d2digital.co.uk or call our office on 0161 247 7933.